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We’re the only landscape design professionals you need in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

landscape designWhen it comes to putting in new landscaping, planting some grass and adding a few trees will look nice, but you might also want to take things to the next level. If you’re feeling a little bit lost when it comes to designing your own landscaping, it’s a good idea to work with a team of professionals. At Yard & Nursery Depot, we’re the only landscape design professionals you need in the Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina area.

We believe that an attractive, inviting landscape doesn’t have to be limited to your imagination. In fact, we’ll come up with a plan for your yard that resembles the ones you covet in books and magazines. We believe that a well-designed landscape should incorporate the following:

  • Balance—Whether your landscape design is asymmetrical or completely symmetrical, the plants that are used should be evenly distributed.
  • Proportion—We will make sure the landscape features we use are in proportion with your home.
  • Unity—We will use a few select plants of several varieties to tie your landscaping together as a whole.
  • Variety—Although unity is important, we will incorporate just the right amount of variety into your landscape design plan to give it some interest.

Whether you mainly use your yard for entertaining friends or for growing an extensive flower garden, we’ll make sure that your priorities guide the plans we come up with for your home’s landscaping. To find out more about our design services and what makes them stand out, reach out to us at Yard & Nursery Depot today.

Landscape Design in Hampton, TN

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