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getting a tune up is always a good idea for your lawn mower

Owning a lush, green lawn is almost iconic of living the American Dream! Proper lawn care and maintenance makes your lawn, and your neighborhood by extension, feel much nicer and cleaner. One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is properly maintain your lawnmower. Here at Yard & Nursery Depot, we have some tips to help you keep your lawn mower purring like a kitten this upcoming season.

  1. Get a professional tune-up every year. Whether you opt to do a tune up at the beginning or the end of your lawn mowing season, getting a tune up is always a good idea for your lawn mower. A lawn mower, like a car, needs the occasional checkup by a professional to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Many tune-ups will check the oil, spark plugs, air filters, and sharpness of the blade.
  2. Care for the oil and gasoline needs. Don’t mistake where the oil and gas go on your lawn mower. If you have one machine that uses a 50/50 split, and a lawnmower that wants oil and gas separate, clearly label which is which! Additionally, don’t let old gas sit around in your lawn mower the entire winter. Drain and start fresh in the spring.
  3. Keep it clean! One of our favorite maintenance tips is one most any lawn mower owner can do –make sure there isn’t we grass caking the area between the undercarriage and the blade. This problem often slows or dulls your blade, making the engine work harder than it needs. 

For more tips on keeping your lawn mower running like a champ this year, contact us at Yard & Nursery Depot today.