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Garden-CenterShopping at your local garden center is always fun during the spring when you are excited about the coming of summer and ready for a splash of color. It is easy to forget that they are a great place to go other times of the year, as well. Most local nurseries have plants, trees and flowers suitable for every season of the year.

Once your springtime efforts have begun producing, you may find a few invaders that are working diligently to undermine your work. Whether they be the creepy, crawly type or those dreaded weeds, heading to the garden center for some advice on how to beat them will keep your landscaping and garden looking great all summer.

Once that nip in the air begins, it isn’t just time to dig out the warmer clothing. It is also time to start preparing your garden beds for winter, such as getting some mulch to put around more tender plants or putting in bulbs that will be so welcome when they bloom in the spring. It is also a chance for that last splash of color that is so often thought off when you think of autumn. It’s not too late to enjoy some flowers, so head over to the garden center for some mums, gourds and other autumn colored plants and flowers. And, you simply cannot forget pumpkins!

You might think that winter is a season where there is no reason to ever head to the garden center, but you would have forgotten one of the most wonderful reasons – to pick out a Christmas tree, of course! Your local garden center will have trees, wreaths and lots of other goodies to make your landscape and home festive for the holidays.

At Yard & Nursery Depot in Hampton, TN, we invite you to come in and experience all four seasons at our garden center. We have everything you need to make your landscaping and garden look great, and make your holidays special. We are your one stop shop for all your lawn and garden needs 12 months of the year.