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We here at Yard & Nursery Depot want to make sure you have all of the information you need to help you select the right plants for your yard if you are excited about some do-it-yourself gardening projects at your home. While we offer professional landscaping services to many, we know that others like yourself prefer to do things on your own to have the learning experience and time enjoying nature. In order to be successful in choosing and taking care of the flowers in your own yard, there are a few things you are going to need to know so you can keep your landscaping looking lovely.

  • Climate- Not only do you need to know that Tennessee is a temperate climate with an extended growing season (which does make for the opportunity to grow some lovely flowers in your yard each season), but you will also need to know the traits of your specific property layout.
    • Do you have a lot of trees? Are they shade trees? Do they do better or worse with flowers or other plants planted near to them and their ground-level root system?
    • How much sun do various areas of your landscaping get during the day?
    • How much moisture do the areas of your lawn and garden get when it rains, and where does that water drain? Are there any places where the moisture remains for an unusually long or short time compared to the rest of your property?
  • Weather- What is your average rainfall? When does snowfall occur and how much moisture can you expect? These things are variable each year. If you know you are in a drought year or an especially wet year, we can help you navigate which flowers to choose according to the current climate conditions.
  • Soil- Some soils are acidic and some basic. Soils that have undergone rough conditions can even become hydrophobic (such as after a fire), which will require special treatments to get things growing well in them again. You can have your specific soil tested to see what it will foster the best. This can be an especially good idea if you had soil brought in for your landscaping when your home was built in the first place. It may not be exactly what you might otherwise expect. In general, though, Tennessee soil tends to be acidic and will therefore favor flowers that like acidic soils best.