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PlantsPutting together a beautiful garden takes careful planning in order to get the results you desire. Most of the time, people consider only how the end result will appear without realizing that many plants can actually serve a dual purpose – or even more uses than that. For example, many plants are not just food for your eyes, but can be food for your stomach, as well. Others provide a habitat for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and more. Still others can be used medicinally if you carefully learn how to do so.

  • Herbs – There are numerous uses for herbs that you can plant in your garden. For example, those in the mint family, namely peppermint and spearmint, are prolific spreaders and thus can make a great groundcover. You can use them in cooking for flavor. Peppermint has many health benefits, so brewing some in your tea may help with a cold, or putting it in your bath can help with sore muscles.
  • Edible Flowers – There are numerous flowers that are beautiful in your garden and can be eaten. Calendula, sweet william, African marigold, daisies, cornflowers, hollyhock and hyssop are just a few to consider. There are also herbs with flowers that are edible as well, such as chives, cilantro and basil. It is important to understand exactly how to use edible flowers because in some cases, only a certain part of the flower is edible.
  • Grains – It may seem strange to consider growing grains in your garden, but a new trend is to do just that. In particular, Amaranth is one that is gaining in popularity. It has an absolutely stunning flowering phase, and there are many different types for a wide variation of colors. Amaranth makes a wonderful dried plant for arrangements, and you could harvest the grain if you choose, as well.

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