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Garden SupplyWhen it comes to finding the right supplies for your garden, it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for at the big box stores. One month, they carry the right fertilizer, and the next month, it’s nowhere to be found. One day, they have the tool you wanted, but the next time, you can’t find anything that suits your needs.

If you love to garden or keep your lawn looking its best, there are quite a few reasons going to your local garden supply store is advantageous. Much of the time, they will carry items that are gardening essentials and often in the best brands that will last you for many years. Additionally, garden supply staff members are knowledgeable about – well – gardens! That means you can ask as many questions as you want, and they are going to have the answers.  Whether you need to know how to water the new plants you just purchased or you are having trouble identifying a flowering plant, the staff at your local garden supply store is your go-to resource. And, speaking of resources, when it comes to garden supply options, you may need something unique that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Not only will you be able to inquire about this item without getting blank stares, but if it isn’t in stock, they can probably order it for you!

Never been to a garden supply store before? Not to worry. Yard & Nursery Depot is conveniently located in Hampton, Tennessee, so you can drop in anytime you have a need or a question about your lawn care and maintenance. We’ll be glad to assist you and make sure your garden supply shopping experience is a great one that keeps you coming back!