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keep your lawn mower in great condition
When you are using your lawn mower on a regular basis, it is natural for the machine to get dirty and worn out over time. However, with proper, regular maintenance, you can keep your lawn mower in great condition for many years. Here are some simple ways to ensure your lawn mower is kept in the best condition.

Cleaning or brushing off your mower after each use is an easy way to make sure grass and dirt doesn’t get caked on the blade or other moving parts on your lawn mower. You can use a rag or gloved hand to make sure the entire mower is cleaned after it has stopped running completely.

Deeper cleaning of the gas tank and each part of the mower deck should be done a few times a year. During this deep clean you can again remove any caked-on dirt, grass, and debris as well as scrub or wipe down each part of the lawn mower with a soft brush, soap, and water.

Another step you can take to make sure your lawn mower continues to work well is to sharpen the blade when necessary. A dull blade not only makes your lawn look uneven but may cause you to run your lawn mower longer than needed trying to achieve that even look.

Each of these steps are simple ways to keep your lawn mower in great condition, so you can continue to use your mower for many years to come. If you have questions about how else you can properly maintain your lawn mower, our team at Yard & Nursery Depot is here to help. Give us a call today!