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lawn care tips that anyone can use

Owning your own home can be a wonderful feeling, especially if you’ve been living in small, cramped apartments trying to save up for a place with a little piece of land! You might have some big dreams for your first spring and summer of lawn care, but when improperly cared for, you might have some scorched earth come fall. Here are a few lawn care tips that anyone can use, first-time lawn owners or not!

First, let the lawnmower do the fertilizing work! Many types of lawnmowers are able to cut and mulch at the same time. These tiny grass clippings are able to provide a healthy dose of fertilizer to your growing lawn as they break down and are absorbed by the soil. If your lawn hasn’t been mowed for a while, you might want to bag the clippings at first until you are on a regular lawn mowing schedule.

Second, take care of your lawnmower! More of us use lawnmowers than any other type of lawn care tool, so make sure that yours is in good working order before using. This can mean anything from a tune-up on the mower’s engine to ensuring that your lawn mower’s blades have been sharpened on a regular basis and before each warm season.

Third, don’t forget to edge your lawn and around garden or bed areas. A nicely edged lawn not only looks much cleaner than one without edging, but it also keeps your lawn and garden areas safer. Pests and bugs love to hide and breed in longer grass areas, which puts them in an ideal location to infect either area.

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