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Lawn Mower Repair: Should You Fix It or Replace It?

Having a dependable lawn mower can make all the difference in the ease of your lawn maintenance. If you have a machine that you’re constantly battling with to start or keep running, then you’ll likely dread your lawn mowing tasks. You might find yourself putting it off until the lawn gets overgrown, which makes it all the more difficult to mow, and the vicious cycle continues. However, when you have a lawnmower that runs smoothly, the job gets done much quicker and doesn’t feel as burdensome.

At Yard & Nursery Depot, we can help with the lawn mower repairs or you need or provide you with a new lawn mower that better suits your needs. The question, then, is should you seek lawn mower repair or replacement? Answering some of these questions might help.

How old is your current lawn mower? 

Lawn mowers can typically be expected to last around eight to ten years or anywhere from 200-500 hours of use. If your lawn mower has surpassed this expectancy, there may be a chain of issues needing to be fixed that will add up to more than or near what a new lawn mower could cost.

How extensive are the needed repairs? 

Some common lawn mower repair needs are sediment buildup or clogs in the carburetor. Issues like this or other small parts can be done at a relatively low cost. If instead you’re having bigger issues, such as engine trouble, our experienced technicians can help you know if the lawn mower repair is cost-efficient or if a replacement might be the better choice.

When you need lawn mower repair or replacement, our team at Yard & Nursery Depot will provide you with the best in service, workmanship and honest, professional reliable opinions. Give us a call today.