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Mulch Tips From the Pros

Mulch is a natural material that you put on top of the soil to help with its health. Additionally, mulch can help conserve water, prevent weeds, and beautify soil. Mulch is often made out of bark, woodchips, manure, grass clippings, or other natural products. If you are wanted to add mulch to your soil, but are looking for some more information and help, check out the article below for our top mulch tips.

  • Know when to mulch. According to the experts, you can mulch in spring, autumn and winter. Mulching in spring is the most popular time to mulch because that is when your soil and plants can best absorb mulch nutrients.
  • Pick your color. If you do not have much experience with mulch, and you read above that it is typically made out of natural materials, you might be surprised to learn that mulch can be dyed different colors. Common colors are different variations or brown, black and red.
  • Ensure you have the right supplies. The most common supplies needed when spreading mulch are gardening gloves, appropriate clothing, wheelbarrow and/or yard cart, rake, trowel and sometimes a spade. In addition to these common supplies, it is important to note that bags of mulch can be extremely heavy. If you are not in a condition for heavy lifting, consider hiring a professional landscaper to spread your mulch.
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Re-mulching an area in your yard may require you to remove the old mulch. This will ensure that your soil is getting all of the nutrients that it can.