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successful flowers requires some forethought and expert help

You would think that planting a flower should be as simple as potting and then giving it sun and water, but come to find out, planting flowers isn’t that easy! In fact, planting successful flowers requires some forethought and expert help, but the end result is always worth it. A blossoming, sweet-smelling space attracts beneficial honey bees and, let’s face it, just looks pretty. If you haven’t had much success with your plants in the past or are just starting out, our team at Yard & Nursery Depot want to give you a few tips from our professionals.

One of the first things you need to learn about planting flowers like the professionals do is that sometimes you can do everything right, and a plant still might die. Don’t take the death of one of your flowers personally — you might have a green-thumb yet!

The next thing you’ll need to do is a lot of preparation work. You’ll want to visit a nursery like ours at Yard & Nursery Depot to find out about soil composition in your area, get the right tools, and make a map of your yard. Mark on your map which places get full, partial and no sun, and where you will want your flower beds to be located.

Finally, select a variety of flowers for your flower bed. There is no wrong answer to which flowers you like as long as they are planted in their preferred sunlight! Choose flowers of different heights and colors for visual interest.

What type of flowers do you prefer to plant? What are your tips for planting flowers like our professionals? We want to hear from you!