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Three Reasons Not to Wait on Lawn Mower Repair

It’s a typical day. You look at the lawn and decide that it’s time to mow the grass. You wheel the lawn mower out of the garage just like any other day. You check the gas tank, just like you normally would. You grab the lever and get ready to pull to crank it up and – pop! Something goes wrong. This is not normal . . . what just happened with the lawn mower? You pull the crank again – another pop. Now you know for sure that you need lawn mower repair.

Eh – maybe you’ll do it later and just ask the neighbor to borrow their mower for now. But is that really the best choice?

  1. The Grass is Still Growing – Lawn mower repair is one of those things that shouldn’t be put on hold. Your grass doesn’t stop growing while your lawn mower is sitting in the garage, and eventually you’ll have a jungle and nothing to mow it with!
  2. You Can’t Share with the Neighbor Forever – While your neighbor may sympathize with you this week, next week could be their day to mow and they might not want to share. Besides, aren’t you costing them gas money because they have to fill up the tank more often? What if you have bad lawn mower “joo joo” and you break theirs, too? Lawn mower repair is the better option.
  3. It Could Cost You More – Unfortunately, procrastination very rarely pays off, and it’s possible that what was a simple replacement of a specific part becomes “you need a brand-new lawn mower now.” Lawn mower repair has the potential to be much more cost-effective than a new purchase.

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