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mulch productsWith so many mulch products on the market, and each one telling you that it is so much better than the others, it can become confusing to even know if you should or should not use mulch. As is the case with most things, the answer to that dilemma is – it depends. Properly done and with quality mulch material, mulching can be very beneficial. However, if you use a poor material and/or do not put it down correctly, you could be doing more harm than good.

To best understand why this is the case, consider what mulch does. It is for preventing weeds and to hold in moisture. If you consider that weeds cannot grow on it, imagine what can happen if you place the mulch too close to your plants, trees, shrubs and other landscaping. Holding in moisture can also be detrimental if you have plants that do not like to be too moist. Others thrive on it. Knowing the difference is important when working with mulch.

Speaking of avoiding too much moisture, consider what else doesn’t do well in wet conditions. If you guessed your home’s foundation and siding, you guessed correctly. Placing mulch too close to your home is a recipe for disaster. Always consider what you are putting the mulch in contact with to determine if it can handle added moisture or not.

The important thing about using mulch is understanding where and how to use it. If you need some guidance and want to get the best quality mulch possible, come see us at Yard & Nursery Depot in Hampton, TN. Our experienced staff will answer all your questions about mulch, so you can use it in a manner that benefits your landscaping and garden.